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Development of Society

  • Society is derived from Latin word ‘’Social’’ which means ‘Friendship’ or living in harmony (togetherness).

  • Group of people living in harmony in a particular geographical territory to achieve their common goals is called society.

  • Any positive and progressive changes seen in something or somebody is development.

  • Development of society is any changes or transformation of social structure, social relation, social institution etc.

Characteristics/ Features of Society

  • Having certain objectives, policy, and norms, society is associated with the institutional development.
  • The members of society have a mutual relationship between them.
  • Society is dynamic in nature, as the needs of people changes in course of time.
  • Individuals have a common goal and need.
  • Every individual in a society protects their rights.
  • Feeling of one’s wornness, mutual interaction activeness and unity among between people in the society.
  • Develops the network of cultured social relation.
  • The main aim of society is social development.

Features of Development of Society

  • It is a universal
  • It is collective change.
  • The process of social change is not equal.
  • It is unpredictable.
  • It is usual and planned.


  1. What is society?
  2. What is the development of society?
  3. What is development?
  4. List the features of society.
  5. Explain the Features of development of society.


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