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We, Our Community and Nation

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We, Our Community and Nation

Society and Community refers to the group of people living together, sharing common properties, traditions, norms and values and helping each other in the time of need. The society needs to be developed for better life of humans. Many societies form a country. The people of a country or a nation can progress if there is development in a country.

The act or process of growing or progressing is known as development. The world has developed in various areas like technology, medicine, farming, communication etc. Development is also known as the constant positive change occurring in our society. A society needs  to utilize its mean  and resources effectively and efficiently in order to facilitate the process of development .These resources can be divided into three categories.

  1. Natural resources
    The resources which are gifted by the nature are known as natural resources. Examples of natural resources are water air, herbs, sunlight, geographical, feature, hills, mountains etc.
  2. Human resources
    Human resources are the people having skill, knowledge and physical ability to conduct various developmental works in the country or in any organization. Human resources is a major factors affecting the development of a country. Examples: Doctors, Engineers, Supervisors, managers, Labourers etc.
  3. Financial Resources
    Financial resources are the capital currency financial system etc. needed for the rapid development of a nation. The country which has a good financial status develops quickly and efficiently compared to those countries whose financial status is weak.
    If a nation is rich in its resources then it becomes developed. Stable government, honest politicians, visionary leaders and commitment are some of the other factors determining the smooth development of a country. Active participation of people is also required for the development of any country.


Answer the following questions

  1. What is society?
  2. What is development?
  3. What are the main resources needed for the development of a country? Describe them.
  4. "If a nation is rich in its resources then it becomes developed", Justify this statements.


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