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                                                                 A Memory Journey from Terai to the Hill

I had heard that Ghale Gaun was a really beautiful place for home stay. I was keen to go there. My luck favoured me. My parents made a plan to take me to the place for five days during my vacation. As I was born in Birgunj, I had never seen the hilly region before. My first visit to Ghale Gaun made a lasting impression on me. I reached there passing many hills through green countryside, The beautiful scenery on the way appealed to me. It still flashes in my memory.

After spending a night at a hotel in Besishahar, early next morning we started our journey on foot. I felt it difficult to walk the hills. My father immediately realized it. We broke our journey in Baglung Pani. He told us to have a rest at Chautara. He took outa bottle of cold drink from his bag. We drank it.
"Are you enjoying the scenery?" my mother asked me.
"Isn't it an exciting experience to see such a picturesque village? My father  pointed to the village with clustered houses. I looked at the village. I couldn't help saying,"Yes". That picturesque scenery thrilled me. I forgot all the tiredness that I had felt before.

"Mummy, I'm ready to move ahead. I'm not exhausted. Let's go!" I got up and walked towards the village.
As we were talking, we got up and walked towards the village.

As we were walking, we got lost. So, my father asked a stranger. "Excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me the way to Ghale Gaun".

The man greeted my father and said,"I'm also going there. If you like, I'll guide you to get there."

"Thank you", my mother replied.

The man said,"The village with clustered houses in Ghale Gaun. It is situated at the northwest of Besishahar. We can get there by bus too. People who cannot walk can take a bust to go there, Almost all the inhabitants of Ghale Gaun are Ghyabre Gurungs."

We enjoyed the journey with that man very much. After about a five-hour walk we reached our destination.

"Why are they taking marigold garland with Tika?" I asked my mother.

'This is how they welcome their guests," my mother replied.

We were treated with proper hospitality. We were served with fresh and delicious organic food. We ate dal, bhat, tarkari, achar with a Gurung family. We were the paying guests there. They performed their cultural dances. mainly, we observed the Ghantu Dance, krishna Charitra, Jhankri Dance and Lama Dance. In the end, we observed some typical round houses there. We also looked at the Annapurna Himalayan range from the village. Thus, we spent five days in a homely environment in Lamjung and returned home.


The writer and her parents were treated with proper hospitality in Ghale Gaun. They were served with fresh and delicious organic food. Ghale Gaun is situated at the northwest of Besishahar in Lamjung. Almost all the inhabitants of Ghale Gaun are ‘’Ghyabre Gurungs’’. It takes about a five-hour walk to reach there on foot from Besishahar. Ghale Gaun is really beautiful place for homestay. Some of the typical round houses can be observed in Ghale Gaun.


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