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Introduction to Community and Society

All of us live in a family.  When many families live together in a place, it is called neighborhoods. Similarly, many neighbors living together, helping and cooperating with each other forms a community. Our life becomes easier and comfortable when we live in a community.

Society is a group of different communities living together co-operating with each other to achieve a common goal. Society is formed on the basis of geography religion, culture etc. For eg, on the basis of religion, religious society, on the basis of culture, cultural society is formed. People need to live in a society to share their sorrow, happiness and to satisfy their needs.

Society does not belong to human being alone. Animals also have their own society. Deer always roam in a group. Ants get together to carry their food. Sheep also live in a flock. the differences between human and animal societies is that in animal society animals are of same race whereas in humans there is a mix up of multiple races.


Answer the following questions.

  1. What is a community?
  2. What is society?
  3. On what basis is society formed?
  4. Can you live alone? Why do you need community?


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