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Distributed Objects and File System

Operating System Support

Distributed Heterogeneous Applications and CORBA

Time and State in Distributed Systems

Coordination and Agreement


Transaction and Concurrency Control

Fault Tolerance

Case Studies

lntroduction to Distributed Systems

The various definition on distributed system are given & none of them are satisfy &none of them are agreement with any of other. For our purpose it is sufficient to give loose characterization:

  • A distributed system is the collection of independent component that appears as the collection of a single system.
  • A distributed system is one of the hardware & software components located at network computers are communicating & coordinating by massage passing.

The definition have several aspect but it should consists autonomous components that is seems as single system. The one of the most important character of distributed system is difference between the various computer & the way they communicate are mostly hidden from user. Which helps to user easy to understand as real world.
Distributed system should also be relatively easy to expand or scale which is also called the principle of distributed system. This means that having the individual computer but the same time, but hiding how the computer actually take part in system as a whole.


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