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Uses of Computer Network

A computer network is a telecommunications network which allows computers to exchange data. It is a collection of computers and other devices (nodes) that use a common network protocol to share information and resources with each other over a network medium.The network medium may be copper wire, fiber optics, microwave, infrared or even communication satellites.

Uses of Computer Networks
Business Applications

  • Resource sharing
    Computer Network is used in Resource sharing. The Same Device in a network can be accessed by the different computer which is connected to the same network like the printer, fax, scanner, etc.
  • Information sharing
    Information sharing is the exchange of data between various organizations, people, and technologies. Different information and data can be shared like the file, videos, etc.
  • Communication medium
    Computer Network is widely used in communication like chatting, video chatting, emails ,etc.
  • E - Commerce
    Computer Network is also used in E-commerce where users can pay bills, transfer cash, buy good, etc using the computer.

Home Applications

  • Access to remote information
    Computer Network facilitates users to access information that is distant away by staying at home remotely.
  • Person-to-person communication
    Users can use Computer Network in their home to communicate with other peoples by telephone, video chat, etc.
  • Interactive entertainment
    Computer Network is used in multiplayer gaming. It is also used in social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc to connect people.

Mobile Users
Computer Network is used in the mobile device like telephone, Smartphone, tablets, etc for communication, the internet, file sharing, etc.


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