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Introduction to Technology

The ancient Greeks differentiated between the words“episteme” and “techne” when discussing science. Episteme was used for knowledge of things. Techne was used for the context for knowledge of doing or making - the art of execution. Combined with the suffix -logia, the word became techno logia- which meant a systematic treatment. The word then evolved in English to be technology.
European Space Agency (ESA) says that "Technology is the practical application of knowledge so that something entirely new can be done, or so that something can be done in a completely new way."
To have a technology means to know how to do something and to be able to do it - to know how to build something and then know how to reliably and safely use it.
Technology is generally divided into five categories.

  • Tangible : includes blueprints, models, operating manuals, prototypes.
  • Intangible : Consultancy, problem solving and training methods.
  • High : Entirely or almost entirely automated and intelligent technology and manipulates over final matter and even powerful forces.
  • Intermediate : Semi-automated partially intelligent technology that manipulates refined matter and medium level forces.
  • Low : Labour intensive technology that manipulates only coarse or gross matter and weaker forces.

Key Elements of Technology

  • Developed as per needs and requirement.
  • Cost appropriate.
  • Suitable to adopt locally.
  • Mobilization of local resources
  • Life cycle management
  • Ownership
  • Aid infrastructure
  • Alignment with skills base
  • Full cost accounting

Characteristics of Technology
Characteristics of technology can be listed as:

  • It is knowledge based
  • It is evident in all cultures.
  • It is essential for day to day life.
  • It enhances our abilities further
  • It is collective
  • It is future oriented
  • It is measurable
  • It is irreversible
  • It is useful servant but bad master

Purpose of Technology
The main purpose of technology is to make day to day life easier and efficient. Some of the observable purposes are:

  • To make task easier to perform
  • Economic and social revolution
  • Improve quality of human condition
  • Solving our problem
  • Establish relevant linkage and essential mechanism
  • Develop individual as well as new area of knowledge

Limitations of Technology
Technology isn't free from some unwanted limitations. Some of them are:

  • Technology isn’t complete. Some problem may arise where technology can’t solve.
  • No guarantee that certain problem can be solved
  • Depends on human to carry out its function
  • Depends on user value and belief
  • The technology operates as long as there’s a source. It is useless once the source is destroyed.

Technology: The Curse of Mankind
Recently, technology has been developed in various aspects. There’s no argument that the modern technology has improved the quality of the human beings and has significantly reduced the burden of works in the office as well as in the home. Advanced technology in medical science has provided longer life span with better medical treatment. It has helped people around the world to be in touch with each other no matter how far they live. It’s no rocket science to understand that modern technology is the most important aspect of our daily life. Being said that there’s no denial that the technology has some negative impact on society and environment.
Advanced technology has caused pollution in various ways possible. People are enjoying easier life thanks to the modern inventions and technology. But more advance life they live more they contribute to the pollution. Continuous emitting of harmful gases and smoke from vehicle and industries can be regarded as one of the main cause of air pollution. Not to mention their contribution to the global warming and ozone layer depletion. There’s has been excessive use of non-renewable energy which has been giving the headache to scientists and environmentalist since a long time. Inability to replace non-renewable source of energy by alternative source is the major problem in today’s world.
Comparatively, people, these days perform less physical work than the people earlier. This is actually the main concept of living the quality life in modern view. They have machines and computers do their most of day to day job. This is a good thing as this has increased the rate of development and lead to easier life but at the same time, this has made people lazy and more prone to diseases like heart attack, cholesterol etc. Lack of exercise has to lead to whole another problem like overweight. There’s a funny expression that people in America use half of their income in food and another half to reduce their weight.
History is the proof that advanced technology has lead to many disasters in mankind. Be it World Wars, nuclear plant explosion or various fatal accidents that have cost many lives and economy, technology has shown it’s negative face time and again. Modern technology has developed so far that scientists predict that earth will vanish should there occur another world war. Modern weapons and nuclear power in wrong hand could become the reason for the end of the world.
No argument that modern technology has brought people close around the world. But unfortunately, people use it the wrong way. They limit their public relationship on digital media most of the time. People use social media like Facebook, twitter etc connecting with other people but they don’t tend to care more about the real connection in the real world. Friendship and relationships are limited to the virtual world.
Amid all the positives and development that modern technology has brought upon us, one can’t deny the negative impact it has implanted on our society and the environment. We should try to use technology in the best possible way to minimize negative impacts of technology.


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