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Buildings and Their Types

Buildings and Their Types
Any structure for whatsoever purpose and of whatsoever materials constructed and includes foundation, plinth, walls, floors, roofs, door, window ,chimneys, plumbing system and other building services, fixed platforms, verandah, balcony, cornice or projection, part of a building or anything affixed there is known as building.
Buildings are classified according to the occupancy into the following types:

  1. Residential Buildings
    Residential buildings are those buildings in which the sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes, with or without cooking or dining or both facilities, except any building classified under category C.
  2. Educational Buildings
    Educational building are those building used for school, college, tution centre or day care purposes for more than 8 hours per week.
  3. Institutional Buildings
    These include any building which is used for purposes such as medical or other treatment or care of persons suffering from any physical or mental illness. Institutional buildings generally provide accommodation for the occupants.
  4. Assembly
    These include any building where group of people gather for recreation, social, religious, travel and similar purposes.
  5. Business
    These include any building used for business transaction, for keeping of accounts and records, lunch counters for less than 100 people, beauty parlor etc.
  6. Mercantile
    These include any building which is used for shops, stores, markets, for display and sale of merchandise.
  7. Industrial Buildings
    Industrial buildings are those where products of materials of all kinds and properties are fabricated, assembled or processed.
  8. Storage
    These include those building used for storage of any goods, wares or merchandise except highly combustible materials.
  9. Hazardous Buildings
    These include those building used for the storage, handling, manufacture or processing of highly combustible or explosive materials or products.


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