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Communication Theory

Communication Theory
Communication is the process of exchanging of things or information through different medium. Communication can also be defined as activity or process of expressing ideas and feelings or giving information to people each and every time. Communication can be done in many ways: like reading, writing, gesturing, drawing, etc.
Role of communication in business
Organization refers to the goal oriented group of people. Communication plays a vital role in an organization. The role of communication in an organization is summarized in the following points.
To Solve the dispute
Communication is not only to exchange ideas, viewpoints, feelings or impressions about the surrounding. It can mainly function as a means of dispute resolution in an organization. As organization consists of many employees with different background, culture, education, levels so conflict can arise in an organization. For peaceful resolution of conflict communication plays a vital role in an organization.
To prepare plans and policies
Without proper communication plans and policies cannot be prepared. So to prepare plans and policies there should be proper communication between the workers. Ideas and views from the workers should also be taken. Business communication helps collecting the relevant data and information from different sources to prepare best plans and policies.
To smooth managerial function
Managerial function in an organization consists of wide range of activities such as planning, organizing, directing, controlling, staffing, recording and budgeting, etc. All these activities can be operate smoothly only if the organization has proper communication between the workers from high level to low level. there is the saying that "Better the communication skills, better the managerial functions in an organization".
To achieve organizational goal
Business communication plays vital role in achieving the goal of an organization. Every organization has its own specific goal. To achieve those goals there needs to be better communication between each n every staffs of an organization. Communication from top level to low level of management is required to achieve the organizational goal.
To motivate employees
Motivation is the best and most important methods to achieve organizational goal. To motivate the employees there should be the good formation of communication towards employee. Motivation is only possible with the help of communication.
To flow information properly
In an organization for the better performance there should be the better flow of information from top level of management to low level of management and vice-versa.


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