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Literal Comprehension
Shel Silverstein in his poem “Invitation” invites people to join him in drawing amusing and delightful tales. People may come from different categories- some may be dreamers, some wishers, liars, hope-ers, pray-ers, magic bean buyers, or pretenders; but the poet is longing to sit with them by the fire and spin their imaginations together forming the flax- golden tales. He not only invites people with different natures to occupy seat next to him but also brings togetherness among them in creating and admiring the forms of literature hiding within each of them. People under every category have a unique vision towards literature and its art. The poet is on his road to bring them together and create tales living around their emotions and sensations. He welcomes everyone to revive the literature behind their sophisticated natures and compose the flax- golden tales with him.

A person may be a dreamer- who rationally dreams his road to success or irrationally dreams about things beyond his achievements. A person may be a wisher- who wishes things to happen in his or someone else’s favor; a liar- who lies to cover his mistakes and earn happiness. A person may be a hope-er- who hopes that things turn around to a brighter side; or a pray-er- who prays for him and his loved ones’ well-being. A person may be a magic bean buyer- who believes in miracles which would change things upside down; or indeed a pretender- who has been pretending to cast a shadow of someone else to fit properly in his surroundings. Whoever a person may be; he is a believer having a desire to achieve something, to destine happiness and earn success. Underneath every person lies an art of literature which is enlightened through this poem to some extent. This poem assists people to discover their actual natures through the purity of literature. This poem revives the imaginations and creativities buried inside people to write tales of their own.

Critical Thinking
This poem cherishes the forms of literature lying among every kind of person. The fact that the poet is trying to persuade people to demonstrate their own self is quite admirable. Although the poem is short, it can be expanded, as one can creatively think of it. The main objective is to push the creativity of one to a point of self-recognition. The art of literature accompanying everyone is well illustrated. However, this poem is a form of invitation which may not bring the actual desire to acknowledge literature as brought by a playful seminar or a workshop. An invitation does not usually drive the eagerness and desires among people. Also, the poet tries to describe the natures of humans which are never as is predicted. The ultimate human natures cannot be categorized as it is described in the poem, moreover, they remain unpredictable.

This poem forms a passion among readers to acknowledge their own potentials and surf for the literature within them and their surroundings. People remain busy in dreaming, wishing and pretending that they forget about the art of literature. After reading this poem, the buried literature wakes up and people begin to roll along with tales involving themselves. This poem cultivates the genuine form of creativity among people and their acts.


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