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Why Go To University?

Why Go To University? : Moti Nissani, U.S.A (1947)

"Why Go To University" is an essay written by Moti Nissani about the significance of University education. In general, university is a place where we get higher education. Knowledge is a wealth of an individual for healthy life where one can understand about his/her freedom, rights and justice. Simply an educated man is considered as a prestigious one in a society through the achievement of knowledge or education.
Going to university creates the additional stresses in our life because knowledge is a means of happiness. Nissani says that university education provides job opportunities, income sources and opportunity for right career. Educated people are likely to be deceived because education makes people tolerant, humble, knowledgeable, critical, witty and less superstitious. They are also likely to live meaningful life because educated people can resolve their problem easily.
University education makes people to have a balance between health and wealth because it teaches them that sound mind lies on sound body. It offers a chance to expand our social horizon by facilitating us to meet people from the world and helps us understand the culture, religion, tradition, politics and many other things about the world. In short, university education enhances our understanding about ourselves and the world we are living in.

Application of Four Levels

  • Literal Comprehension
    University education enhances of job opportunity and career advancement, and increases our income as well. The better qualified we are, the better jobs and income we are likely to get. Educated people enjoy better health than others. They believe on sound mind lies on sound body. They are valued more by the society. University education tries to fulfill our desire/thirst for knowledge. It broadens our social horizon.They make new friends and share new ideas.The education enhances the personal freedom. Education makes less dogmatic about our own belief as well as more tolerant about the belief of others.University education frees human mind from any sorts of prejudices. It also helps to flourish democratic norms and values. University education makes us capable to judge the policy and also helps the democratic system work properly and smoothly. In fact, university education provides educated manpower for the development of the society and nation.
  • Interpretation
    The essay highlights the significance of the university education. Educated man can understand the importance of his personal freedom, significance of democracy, technique and advancement to modern science. Knowledge of the universe brings him closer to every nation of the world. According to the essayist, university education provides us job opportunities, better health, wisdom, awareness, friendship, broad mindedness, democratic norms and values. It provides educated manpower for the development of society and nation, too. The essay, why go to university is also trying to say that education is very crucial part of life. Going to university reforms our morality and character. It helps for our all round growth and development. It removes narrow as well as conservative mind. Education leads us towards progress and prosperity. Education helps to know the value of life.
  • Critical Thinking
    This essay talks about the significance of university education. University education provides job opportunities, income source and opportunity for better and bright career. Highly educated people are healthier than educated ones. In fact, university education broadens our social horizon and tries to fulfill our thirst for knowledge. However, we can arise some argumentative questions. Are education and university considered to be one? Do all people go to university with the same view aspiration of education? Does knowledge always bring happiness? Is only formal education crucial? Can’t we become educated through informal education? Do all the educated people respected and honoured as much as powerful politicians and rich businessman? So I am not totally agree with the writer.
  • Assimilation
    After reading this essay, I came to realize the importance of university education in every person's life in the present world. As university education offers job opportunities, income sources and opportunity for bright career, I am greatly encouraged to give opportunity at study and do research work having university education, So, this essay has changed my manner, attitude and thinking level in every sector.


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