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Whatever we see in our surrounding is called Environment. Environment is our basic life support system. It gives the air we breathe, the water we drink, the nourishment we eat and the land where we live. The school fabricating, the seats and tables of classroom, the open field, and the companions in your class – all are a piece of our condition.

Natural Environment
Natural environment is further classified into two components:

Components of Environment


  • Lithosphere is the strongest outside layer or the hard top layer of the earth.
  • It is comprised of rocks and minerals and secured by a thin layer of soil.
  • It is an unpredictable surface with different landforms such as mountains, fields, valleys and so forth.
  • Landforms are found over the mainland's and furthermore on the sea floor, plateaus, plains, valleys etc.


  • The space of water referred as hydrosphere.
  • It contains various sources of water and different types of water bodies like lakes, oceans, seas, etc.
  • It is basis for every living creature.


  • The atmosphere is a thin layer of air that surrounds the earth.
  • It protects us from the harmful rays and scorching heat of the sun.
  • It comprises of various gasses, dust and water vapor.


  • Biosphere is the kingdom of plants and animals.
  • It is a narrow zone where land, water and air interact with each other.

The following figure shows all the three zones of environment:

 The three zones of environment


  • The relationship between the living organism and the surroundings is an ecosystem.
  • They are interdependent on each other.

Human Environment

  • Human environment means the environment which is made or modified by the human beings according to their need or requirements time to time.
  • Human environment is changing since early periods.
  • From learning growing crops, domesticating animals, inventing wheels, barter system to advancements in medical sciences and information technology, human has come a long way.
  • Now, humans live a settled life with nature, although it keeps changing its environment as per its need.
  • That is why, human environment is very dynamic.


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