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Introduction to Software Project Management

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Introduction to Software Project Management

Software Project
A software project is the procedure or a way of by which the growth of software from the requirements of a project to its testing and maintenance. Software can be a combination of program, documentation, and operating procedure.
Software = Programs + Documentation + Operating Procedures
A project is a planned activity.

Software project vs. other types of projects
There are some characteristic which explain how it differ from each other.

  1. Invisibility
    A software project is not immediately visible to the user but in case of other projects like constructing a bridge it is visible to user.
  2. Complexity
    Software projects are more complex than the other projects.
  3. Conformity
    Software developers are to be meet the all the requirements of users or clients. On the contrary, in case of other projects the requirements are same like cement and steel in case of constructing a bridge.
  4. Flexibility
    The software is easy to change. Let’s assume an example to differ this. Suppose a software project like writing a program or other is constructing a bridge.
Constructing a Bridge Write a Program
In construction a bridge a problem as well known. Only few problems are known.
There are many existing bridge. Each and every problem is different from each other.
The requirements are same in case of constructing a bridge. Requirements are vary.
The strength and ability can be calculated. It is impossible to find the correctness of the project.

Management Control
Management is a process by which monitoring the performance of a particular task. Involves a local manager in data collection, data collection is necessary to transform the raw data into the useful data.

Management Control

It has been noticed that the project plan is dynamic in nature. It must require continues adjustment at the time of execution.

Types of Software Projects
Various types of software projects are:

  1. Desktop Project Management Software
    It is software which is more responsive and highly-graphical for a single user. Desktop-based applications generally store their data in a local database and other uses central database for storage.
  2. Web-based Project Management Software
    It is software which can be easily accessed through internet. We can use an intranet or extranet connection to use a web-based application by using any web browser.
  3. Single User Project Management Software
    It is software or a system which is basically for a single user and can be changed at any time.
  4. Collaboration Project Management Systems
    They are a system which is specifically designed to bear the multiple users at the same time at once. For example: Updating message for any application must be affecting at each and every device whenever you are online.
  5. Integrated Systems
    They are the combination of both the project management and planning.

Requirements Specifications
Various requirements specifications of a project are:

  1. Functional Requirements
    They are the requirements which tell us that what is the end product of a project is to do. System design and system analysis is basically designed which provides functional requirements.
  2. Quality Requirements
    They are the requirements which focus on how the project is to be rather than what is to do. Users will be learning some experiences.
  3. Resource Requirements
    They are basically a kind of records which tells that how much a organization is spend on a system.


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