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Introduction to Operating System

An operating system is a program which establishes an interface between the user and hardware. It is basically used for application programs. Operating system has several layers. A computer system can be further classified into four parts. The parts are hardware, an operating system, an application programs and the users. Hardware contains the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the memory and input/output devices which is capable of providing the basic computing resources for the system. The application program defines the behavior by which these resources are used to solve user’s computing problems like word processors, spreadsheets, compliers, and web browser. The operating system controls hardware and provides the means for proper use of resources in operation. An operating system works like a government; it may provide an environmental within which programs can do useful work. It manages the resources of computer system implicitly. The resources are like memory, files, and I/O devices.


Two type of view’s in operating system:

  1. User’s View
    It is that interface of computer which has being used. These are the kind of systems which is especially designed for one user only. It’s main motive to monopolize its resources.
  2. System’s View
    Operating system is a resource allocator. A system consists of several resources which may be hardware and software that could be managed efficiently. Resources are managed by the operating system. It governs the conflicting requests between the resources and the controls the execution of programs too.
    • Operating system boots up the computer.
    • Basic tasks like managing the peripheral devices like mouse keyboard.
    • It provides a UI (User Interface).
    • The operating system manages, manipulates, stores, retrieves and save the data.
    • Error handling is handles by operating system.


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