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Computers, Communication and Entertainment

Today in modern world, we need computers in almost every field i.e. hospitals, banks, business, corporate and many more fields. Computer is a programmable machine device, which has been so designed to accept data and perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed and display the result of these operations.

Communication and Entertainment
Information, ideas and attitude are transmitted through communication from one person to another person which provides interaction between human beings.

Communication Goals

Communication Goals

Entertainment help people amuse themselves in their leisure time.

  • It gives life charm as well as energy.
  • It depends on person’s choice.
  • It can be in infinite form.

Entertainment can be of Different Forms

  • Print Media
    Average time spend on reading newspaper is 44 mins, and it provides detailed news. Print media have a large influence on public opinion as a social reformer.
  • Internet
    It is a great entertainment source over 1 billion users across the world uses it. It has been the cheapest and most recent mode of communication and entertainment.
  • Television
    80% of world population is dependent on television for their source of entertainment. It offers a great platform for a large pool of talent.
  • Radio
    It provides both entertaining and informative media as musical programs, news, live cricket commentary etc. Also it is the oldest form of communication cum entertainment.
  • Mobile Phone
    More than 5 billion people uses mobile phone as entertainment tool, overall it is the fastest growing telecom network in India. It provides camera, videos, 3G technology, games as entertainment source.


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