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Edukum is an initiative of what our slogan stands for and that is "Free Education for Everyone". We have a dream of educating every child on Earth. With this dream, we are moving forward with the necessary educational tools and notes for all. These notes are accessible by each child from any part of the world. No matter how poor the children are and no matter the geographical boundary, we aim to provide online education to all for absolutely free. Basic education is every child’s right no matter the culture, the place and background of the child. Our vision is to make sure this right to education is addressed for every child in the world. Edukum is prepared for this with the important notes of top academic and examination boards such as National Examination Board (NEB), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Institute of Science & Technology (IOST), etc.


Students get absolutely free education from our website and mobile apps. Moreover, they will able to put their knowledge in use and practice with Question Bank. The question bank for several subjects are also available in our online platforms. Driving towards a digital world, Edukum envisions the education system in the world to become digitally accessible by all. With a wide range of services that Edukum offers, we make sure the students don’t face any problems with using our website and accessing notes. The course subjects of secondary level classes and higher level can be accessed from our website and app. Get notes on management studies, English, mathematics, social, science, and many more. There are no limits when it comes to free education and with the course contents on Edukum, you can learn quickly and can help others learn quickly. All you need is an internet connection which is more affordable than the books, materials and school fees in today’s date.


Why do we offer online education?

  •  Convenience and flexibility
  •  Great support during studies
  •  More choice of course topics
  •  Online education is totally worth the effort
  • Allows students to learn at their own pace

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